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"My vision for Jacksonville includes increasing economic opportunities for individuals and small businesses, safer neighborhoods, job training for youth, crime reduction, and affordable and attainable housing."


  • Invest in community programs that help keep youth off the streets and engaged in positive activities

  • Advocate for mental health resources in schools and to the community

  • Support measures that reduce violent crimes and promote responsible gun ownership

  • Provide technical and career training to youth, returning citizens, low-income families, and Veterans

  • Promote community-wide dialogues about race, religion, and other important sensitive topics

  • Offer tax breaks and incentives for small businesses

  • Connect small businesses with larger companies who may be    interested in their products or services

  •  Fund research and development programs to help small            businesses create new, innovative products

  • Relax regulations hindering small business growth

  • Provide mentorship opportunities and business incubators for budding entrepreneurs

  • Support measures that encourage entrepreneurship,               innovation, and attract new employers to the area

  • Invest in small businesses and help to create an environment that is conducive to job growth

  • Advocate for wage increases so that workers can afford to live without reliance on assistance

  • Make sure that local taxes are fair and do not place an undue burden on workers and struggling families

  • Invest in education and training, so that our workforce is       prepared for the challenges of the 21st century

  • Strive to improve the physical infrastructure of Jacksonville - including roads, buildings, bridges, environment, etc.

  • Be a listening ear to resident's concerns and provide opportunities for them to be addressed

  • Support environmental policies that improve waste management, community health, and mitigation of beach erosion

  • Promote policies that provide green spaces, community gardens, parks, and recreational facilities

  • Remain mindful of the benefits and unintended consequences of infrastructure policies

  • Partner with the mayor and city council to create a more       affordable healthcare system for residents

  • Support legislation that makes it easier for small businesses to provide healthcare benefits to employees

  • Advocate for funding that provides free or discounted medical, dental, vision, and wellness services to individuals who cannot afford them

  • Collaborate with local hospitals and clinics to ensure that        everyone has access to quality healthcare

  • Facilitate dialogues between providers and the community to discuss new ways to improve the city's healthcare system

  • Promote that city officials include affordable and attainable housing in development planning

  •  Address social and economic barriers to affordable and attainable housing

  • Improve systems and processes to reduce homelessness and increase access to housing

  • Design and support policies that increase affordability, improve access to quality, and support the creation and preservation of affordable housing

  • Advocate for incentives and tax breaks to renovate existing housing for affordable housing

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